Flow Extruder fan upgrade kit (silent, cable con, termistor, cartridge heater)

PN: CB4S-AS-068
EAN: 5999566805028

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Kit that allows you to upgrade your Flow printer to a more silent, better version. The kit contains the following:

[CB4D-PCB-033] Craftbot Flow PCB FFC EXT r3.0 -- 1 piece
[CB4D-PCB-020] PCB - Fan Conn 5 r2.0 -- 1 piece
[CB4D-GE-020] Delta 40x10 Axial Head FAN with connector -- 1 piece
[CB4D-CA-012] Cable - Flow - FFC Ext cable -- 1 piece
[CB4D-SB-044] X belt holder (FAN cable) -- 1 piece
[GT2-836x6] Timing belt - closed GT2-836x6mm -- 1 piece
[24V40W Heater] Craftbot Flow / Plus Pro / 3 Heating Cartridge 24V 40 W -- 1 piece
[PT100-CB4] Craftbot Flow Temp Sensor PT100 --1 piece

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