Craftbot - PrintLab bundle

Complex 3D solution for schools
(3D printer + Filament + 3D Curricula + safety accessories)

Craftbot 3D printer with the educational accessories is a comfortable and safe choice for educational usage.
Craftbot 3D printer is user friendly, reliable workhorse, only the general maintenance needs and it works thousands of hours without any problem.
Now we are offering a complex 3D education solution with the PrintLab bundle.
PrintLab Classroom is a professional portal for teachers looking to integrate 3D design and object creation into core subject areas. Their mission is to link industry, technology and education, preparing students for using innovative technology from early childhood as part of everyday life. Enrolling in PrintLab Classroom will give teachers a 12-month access to training resources and curricula.
PrintLab Craftbot bundles offer a package to educational institutions and teachers that contains everything for teachers to simply and easily start out in 3D design, object creation and printing.

The Craftbot - PrintLab training package contains the following:

  • Craftbot 3D printer (Craftbot Plus Pro or Craftbot Flow);
  • Safety accessories: lockable door and dome with HEPA filter;
  • 1-year access to PrintLab Classroom curriculum
  • PrintLab Certification Course (online)
  • Craftware slicer;
  • PLA filaments;
  • 1 package of Kapton
Look into the PrintLab curricula: