Craftbot Flow Wide XL - Grey

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The Craftbot Flow Wide XL has a huge print area - thanks to the single head - the tray can be used almost from edge to edge.

The ability to print in large format is a great boost to creativity. If large-scale printmaking is a core part of your business, a large format desktop 3D printer - such as the Craftbot Flow Wide XL - can provide a versatile solution to your production needs without the need to invest in a full industrial additive manufacturing system.

Considerations such as the distribution of heat on your print bed and the extrusion system's setup and throughput of filament can make the difference between waiting hours or days for a print. The Craftbot Flow Wide XL was designed with these in mind.

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Build volume height
Extruder technology
Dual head printing (Mirror-, Parallel mode)
Build volume
Extra large Z build volume
Web platform, IoT integration, Internal storage
Built in camera
Automatic mesh bed leveling – BL Touch
Magnetic flex metal build plate
Filament Monitoring Sensor

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