Refurbished CraftBot 3

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The intelligently designed IDEX printer from CraftUnique, the CraftBot 3 is has an independent dual extrusion system, a standard, all-metal hotend, capable of reaching 300C, and The Supervisor: the new filament monitoring system that will always keep you appraised of print status. With dual extrusion you can step into the wider word of multi-material 3D printing, whether using a support material such as PVA to be able to print more complex, varied shapes and architectures in your prints, create 3D prints with multiple colors that stand out and grab attention with vibrant, dynamic options, or even use multiple materials for more effective, utilitarian prints, with varying mechanical properties such as ABS and TPU. All of this can mean longer print jobs with some difficult points, even for this impressive machine, but those fears are completely allayed with the introduction of the flow and run-out sensor that's included in every CraftBot 3. This intelligent printer will pause your print as soon as the end of your spool is detected, or the extruder becomes clogged, making sure no prints go to waste, simply because you aren't watching 24 hours a day.

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Build volume height
Extruder technology
Dual head printing (Mirror-, Parallel mode)
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Extra large Z build volume
Web platform, IoT integration, Internal storage
Built in camera
Automatic mesh bed leveling – BL Touch
Magnetic flex metal build plate
Filament Monitoring Sensor

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